Miniature Rhino VIRTUAL Pattern Club

Miniature Rhino VIRTUAL Pattern Club

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At the beginning of 2020 I launched a physical pattern club featuring bold, fun patterns silkscreened onto pre-consumer textile waste and mailed bi-monthly with thread and instructions. I hadn’t planned on creating a virtual, online option as well, but then this global pandemic happened (NBD!) that totally changed my perspective on online, virtual learning. It was needed, helpful and connected people across the world.

So I got to writing, filming and creating content for this Virtual Pattern Club. Had I, myself, ever filmed a class before? Nope. Basically, I tried my best to learn how to film a class by myself in my Brooklyn studio during a pandemic. I’m really proud of what I was able to put together, the class and club content is full of great information, resources, and creative projects!

The class features three videos, six PDF patterns, a handful of assignments (should you choose to accept it!), and an ongoing series of PDF projects featuring the patterns. 

  • 3 Video Lessons are foundational instructions that you can return to when you have any questions about printing the patterns, transferring techniques and materials, embroidery basics, including tools and materials and stitches.
  • 6 PDF Patterns coincide with the currently released physical patterns. Note: Currently, there are only three patterns live and as new patterns are released for the physical club (Aug, Oct. Dec.) they will be added to the virtual club too. I don't want to ruin the surprise, and this way content is continually being added and updated. 
  • PDF projects showcase different ways to use the patterns and inspire you to get creative. This collection of projects covers a range of applications like mending, embellishment and home decor- check out the last three images for a sneak peek at the class projects. Again, only three projects are currently live, but more are in the works and will be added to coincide with newly added patterns. 
  • Assignments are like fun homework to reinforce lessons and give you an excuse to make something. No grades, no judgement, no pressure. Creativity just because it’s fun, and rewarding. I’m working on a way you can share your projects, but for now please share on insta & tag #MRPATTERNCLUB. 
  • The Materials List is a comprehensive list of all my favorite tools, materials and resources.

How do I access the Club?
The pattern club is hosted here on my site on a private page. You will need to make an account and then the private page can be accessed here. Please use the same email at time of purchase to create your login info. 

Pattern Timing?
PDF patterns & projects will coincide with the drop of physical patterns for the Club. Patterns are released the first week of the bimonthly schedule. 
Pattern 4 - August/September
Pattern 5 - October/November
Pattern 6- December

What tools & materials will I need?
The Virtual Pattern Club includes a detailed materials list. Because this class & club was written during quarantine I list many options and substitutes. In general, I recommend:
+ needles (I love Olympus Sashiko Needles, but embroidery needles will work great too!)
+ scissors
+ printer & printer paper
+ fabric
+ mark making tools
+ embroidery hoop 

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