Earth Day DIY Patches

Earth Day DIY Patches

Everyday is earth day. I'm pledging to minimize my environmental footprint in my home and work life, studio and closet, to continue to educate myself about this issue that effects the most vulnerable communities disproportionately. 

All these things sound so ethereal. What is sustainability and what does it look like in practical terms? It's different for all of us but some things for me look like a vegan diet, composting food scraps, buying vintage & second hand, public transportation (I miss taking the train!), and refusing/reducing my plastic consumption, especially one time use plastics. 

What does it look like for you?

Just for fun I created a some DIY Mini Earth Day Patches for you to stitch up. Pattern & instructions below. 

  1. Save & print the pattern. You may want to reduce or increase the size depending on your preference. I went for minis. 
  2. Transfer the pattern. Use a water soluble pen or pencil to outline the pattern over a light colored fabric. Option two, print out the pattern onto water soluble stabilizer or tear away stabilizer, like I’m using. 
  3. Baste tear away stabilizer with sewing thread. 
  4. Stitches: 

Satin stitch: patch outline, flower, flower center
Backstitch: text

5. Cut out the patch close to the satin stitches.
6. Hand or machine stitch patches on all the things!


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