Rear End Mend Class 

This is the most common damage I see brought into my mending classes and I frequently get asked about repairing this area, so I created this class! It can be awkward and tricky to mend this spot, so this class thoroughly breaks down my favorite go-to method for mending this high wear and tear area. Click below sign up & learn more about class or to login in if you've already signed up!

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Sashiko with The Crafters Box  

Welcome to an introduction to sashiko with artist Jessica Marquez of Miniature Rhino. In this workshop, Jessica teaches the foundations of the sashiko technique - we’ll explore both beginning and advanced pattern and shape making, building out several sashiko samplers and finally a large scale custom pillow project for the home.

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Big-Stitch Quilted Clutch

Learn the basics of big-stitch hand-quilting as you create a cute clutch handbag (with optional strap), which makes a great beginner project. Fiber artist Jessica Marquez walks you through the process,. Choose from a variety of flap shapes, stitch patterns and fabrics for a one-of-a-kind quilted creation.

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Design it Stitch: Hand Embroidery

Explore hand embroidery for beginners as a fun, relaxing way to bring your inspirations to life! Join me learning essential embroidery techniques. Over twenty-five stitches are covered including flat, looped, knotted, crosses, and fill stitches. Master tricky knotted, looped and fill stitches like the fishbone, cretan and bouillon for polished designs, and learn three easy methods to transfer any design to fabric–including two that don't even require an iron! Jessica will also show you how to embellish a T-shirt with dazzling stitched detail as you learn stabilizing strategies for stretchy knits, and create your own patterns from cherished photos and drawings.


Product Photography at Home

Improve your product photography and your sales with images that give you an edge in the marketplace and attract the customers you want. Professional photographer and small-business owner Jessica Marquez demonstrates how to create simple tabletop setups that bring any product to life. Then, discover how to manipulate light, use a variety of backgrounds and shoot from different angles so that you always show your products in their best light — indoors and out! Next, learn how to incorporate a live model into your shots, and get tips for lighting and directing your subject for relaxed, natural-looking photos. Finally, find out how to expertly style props to lend personality and depth to your shots, and learn to create and scale editorial images with confidence. Plus, get postproduction tips for flawlessly finished images that resonate with your customer.




Interested in hosting a hands-on workshop at your store, conference or event in please get in touch!


This is one of my favorite classes to teach, because sashiko mending has such a long, rich history and each class is unique depending on each students garment. Inspired by time honored Japanese Sashiko techniques students learn artful and practical skills to mend, patch and repair damaged textiles. Students are encouraged to bring an article of their own clothing they’d like to repair or embellish. Fabric swatches are provided for patching and to experiment with techniques if students don’t have an a piece of clothing to mend.

Class length: 2-4 hours
Includes: needle, thread, transfer tools, variety of fabrics for patching


If you’ve tried shibori, a Japanese art form using folds, twists and ties to create patterns with dye, the next step is to try stitch resist. The benefit of stitch resist shibori, is that you can create defined patterns and shapes with the organic look of shibori. First a pattern is drawn, stitched, dyed and then cut away to reveal the hidden pattern stunning results. Students will learn several stitching techniques, how to layout a repeat pattern, prep for dye and dyeing while creating their own one-of-a-kind indigo dyed pillow cover or scarf.

Class length: 4-5 hours
Includes: needle, thread, transfer tools, dye as well as a 14" cotton pillow cover or cotton scarf.


I’m obsessed with sashiko patterns and love personalizing my clothes with sashiko stitching. Students will learn how to transfer patterns directly on to your garment, how to adjust the scale of the pattern to make it larger or smaller, best materials and tools for this application, and how to stitch sashiko. Tips and tricks will be shared, like how to create a flawless finish inside your garment. Class can be adapted to “Embroidery on Denim” to include a wide variety of designs beyond sashiko patterns. Students will stitch on their own clothing: heavy weight jacket (denim, twill, cotton, linen), button-up shirt, or denim jeans.

Class length: 2-4 hours
Includes: needle, thread, transfer tools, & a variety of fabrics for patching.  


This easy, fun project comes from the pages of my book Make & Mend. Sachets are quick to stitch, make great gifts and help keep your clothes smelling fresh. Students will learn how to draw sashiko patterns directly onto fabric, best tools and materials, and how to sashiko stitch a variety of patterns. Students will also be able to make their own aromatic blend of dried herbs to fill their sachet.

Class length: 3-4 hours
Includes: needle, thread, transfer tools, fabric, dried herbs


Embroidery is one of my creative passions. I teach in person and online classes for the absolute beginner to the more advanced student. Classes cover basics like tools and materials, how to transfer a pattern, a range of stitches, and how to finish a piece. Beyond basics I love to teach students how to create their own patterns, stitch on clothing, work with lettering and workshop their creative ideas.

Find my online embroidery class Design it: Stitch it: Hand Embroidery on Craftsy here.

Class length: 3-4 hours
Private classes available.


In this hands on workshop students learn how to set up an inexpensive home studio and take high quality images that help sell! Class will be tailored to either iPhone or digital SLR. Students will learn the elements of photography, and product photography, how to create a mobile home studio using daylight, helpful and inexpensive tools to improve image quality, how to edit with apps or in Photoshop, and we’ll also cover images as branding. No matter what your product is, a physical object or service, we’ll brainstorm ways to improve your images to better sell your product. This is a hands-on workshop where you will have a chance to practice and explore the techniques covered in class. Come prepared with questions, your product, and camera (or phone) in hand.

Find my online photography class Product Photography at Home on Craftsy here.

Class length: 3-4 hours
Private classes available.