Hoodie Pocket Patch

Hoodie Pocket Patch

Recently, Kuma pup ate a hole through my pocket where I had left some treats. I guess dog don't understand how pockets work. I'd found the perfect stripey fabric at FabScrap & adapted the tutorial I recently shared, DIY Replace a Sleeve, because it shows how to make a pattern from your pre-existing clothes. In this case I modeled the patch from the pre-existing pocket to make a duplicate pattern piece.

This mending how-to is shared with you as inspiration for my Mending Challenge collaboration with Fabscrap that’s taking place right now, May 15 - June 15. To enter the challenge, mend any personal item using Fabscrap materials or a mutilated garment, like I did here, that you can pick up at the Fabscrap HQ in Brooklyn (Sorry pick up only for the mutilated garments). Share you work on instagram and tag it with #MRxFabMending. Complete rules for entry here.

Garment to repair
Tracing paper & marker (optional)
Sewing pins
Sewing machine & matching sewing thread

1. Create a pattern piece from garment. Using tracing paper and a marker outline the pocket, or area you'd like to duplicate/ patch.

2. Duplicate the pattern piece. Place the tracing on a piece of fabric right side up and pin in place. Add a ½” seam allowance and cut around the full piece.

3. Iron and Sew. With the right side down iron and fold the seam allowance towards the wrong side of the fabric. Place the patch on the garment and pin in place matching up the seams and edges. Machine sew around the patch. Do not machine sew the pocket opening. Hand sew using a whip or ladder stitch (See step 4 here). 

I can see so many ways you can adapt this project, so I hope it inspires some projects to happen! Let me know if you give this a try! I'd love to see! And be sure to get your entries in for the #MRxFABmending challenge by June 15th. 

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