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Rear End Mend Online Class

Rear End Mend Online Class

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What’s a Rear End Mend? It’s a repair made on the seat and inner thigh area (aka dat booty and chub rub area) of your clothing. It’s the most common damage I see brought into my mending classes and I so frequently get asked about repairs for this area that I created this class! It can be awkward and tricky to mend this spot, so this class thoroughly breaks down my favorite go-to method for repairing this high wear and tear area. While I focus on the seat and inner thighs these methods can be used for all kinds of repairs, so this class is useful even if you’re just repairing other areas on denim and non-stretch materials. 

This visible mending technique is inspired by quilting and sashiko. It’s highly adaptive and forgiving, but also strong and long-lasting. So you’ll be able to tailor the technique to suit your likes and needs for your mending projects. 

  • What is covered in class?
    The class is broken down into four lessons. Throughout each lesson is a thorough explanation of process, materials, tools, and lots of tips and tricks. 
    Lesson 1 Getting started & Basting the Patch (12:30 mins)
    Lesson 2 Drawing the Pattern (10:30 mins) 
    Lesson 3 Stitching the Pattern (26 mins)
    Lesson 4 Whip Stitch & Finishing (11 mins)
  • What do you get with purchase?
    You receive access to a private page with full high definition class videos. A PDF of class materials includes a detailed material list, pattern templates and resources. Class participants will be able to leave comments, ask questions and receive feedback. I will be actively monitoring the class chat to respond to any questions. Class kits are also available as an add on to class. 

  • How are materials accessed?
    The class is hosted on this site on a private page. After purchase the class page will be accessible after creating an account. Click "Create account" at the top right of the main pageNOTE: Please use the same email used at the time of purchase to create your account. Once you are logged in you can access the private class page.
  • What kind of damage is covered in this class?
    In this class I work on one pair of jeans with a large hole in the seat area from beginning to end. This technique is useful for addressing rips, tears, thinning fabric, and ripples in fabric from stretch materials breaking. I focus on the seat and inner thighs, but these mending techniques can be used for all kinds of repairs on denim and non-stretch materials.
  • What’s included in the class kit?
    The class kit includes materials I use in class. It's super helpful if you're just getting started, want to use the same materials as I do in class, or just want it all delivered to you. Purchasing the kit is not required. Feel free to supply your own materials. Not included in class kit: scissors, patching materials, quilting ruler. 
    Class Kit Includes
    - Sashiko Needles
    - Grid Stencil 
    - 6” clear ruler
    - Chacopel Fine Pencils - set of three multicolored pencils with a - sharpener
    - Sashiko Thread: your choice of (1) 100m skein in Navy, Cream, White or Gray OR (3) 20m skeins in navy, gray and cream
    - Optional Add ons: Thimble, Water Soluble Pen 
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