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Sashiko Mending Kit - a DIY guide to decorative, functional patching by hand

Sashiko Mending Kit - a DIY guide to decorative, functional patching by hand

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Mending Kit

This kit is an introduction to sashiko mending, which is a Japanese technique of functional embroidery originally developed to patch and insulate clothing. I packed this kit with my favorite high quality tools and fabrics that I’ve tested and use in my sashiko and visible mending projects. The kit also comes with a full color 14 page booklet with easy to follow instructions, step-by-step photographs, tips, and six patterns. All you’ll need to start is a pair of scissors. 

Each kit is unique and focuses on denim material, but can include an assortment canvas, linen, denim, and cotton fabrics in a range of weights. Since this material is all upcycled (from a textile recycler) the assortment depends on what is available. You will have plenty of material to practice the techniques, experiment with different patterns, and make several patches.

Even if you don’t have anything to patch you can use the materials to practice these techniques, make decorative embellishments to your clothing, or even make something just for fun, like coasters or a pattern sampler.m

Kit Includes
+ 6” grid ruler
+ cotton sashiko thread
+ set of Olympus sashiko needles
+ Clover water soluble pencil
+ assortment of upcycled fabric scraps
+ detailed booklet with easy to follow instructions, step -by-step photographs, & 6 patterns
+ optional Protect and Grip Thimble add-on (my favorite thimble/the only one I use!) 

Thimble Add-on, + $8 (see last photo)
This notion is optional, but very useful if you plan on stitching heavy weight fabrics. Real talk- I avoid using thimbles when I can, but when stitching many thick layers of fabric, like denim, sometimes a thimble is just necessary. After trying lots of options this rubber Clover thimble is the winner. It is breathable, grips the needle nicely, and the flat metal top aids in pushing the needle through your fabric smoothly. Size Medium. Fits small to medium comfortably. If you would like a size large please let me know.

As with any of my kits I’m more than happy to help if you have any questions or want to share your progress and finished work. It makes my day! Share with me on insta @miniaturerhino or send me a convo or email- miniaturerhino (at) gmail (dot) com

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