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Miniature Rhino

Circle Stencil

Circle Stencil

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A circle stencil is useful for all kinds of crafting projects, and especially great tool to help draw curved sashiko patterns, like Linked Seven Treasures and Ocean Waves (shown in images). Drawing your patterns from scratch gives you complete creative control. Adapt the scale of your patterns using a variety of circle sizes. 

Circles range in sizes from 1/4"  to 3".  The cross hairs on each circle are super helpful for lining up and centering your circles.

Circle Stencil is paired well with:

  • Make and Mend - Lots of info & instructions on drawing a variety of patterns from scratch can be found in my book. 
  • Sashiko Grid Stencil - For drawing up a grid quickly. 
  • Mark making tools - Water soluble pencil shown, which is great for dark fabrics. 
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