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Sashiko Grid Stencil

Sashiko Grid Stencil

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Quickly and accurately create a range of grids, from 1/4 inch and up, to use in your sashiko stitching projects. It's a great aid in embellishing and mending projects, and more. After years of using a ruler to mark and measure out grids I designed this stencil that is so easy to use and much, much faster for drawing out 1/4" grids.

It can also be used to draw out 1/2", 3/4", 1", etc. grids quickly and used for all kinds of projects like cross stitch, smocking, bullet journaling and calligraphy. To extend the grid beyond the stencil dimension simply line up the previous marks and continue drawing your chosen grid. 

So excited to share this original stencil designed by me, produced in the US in a family run-business & made of oil-board, a material sealed in linseed oil to help strengthen and waterproof the paper.

+ 5 x 5" stencil
+ Detailed instructions 
+ Tips for use
+ Four patterns 

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