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Sashiko Sampler - Asa-no-hana (Hemp Leaf Pattern)

Sashiko Sampler - Asa-no-hana (Hemp Leaf Pattern)

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Adding sashiko to my embroidery game opened up a whole new world of pattern and texture. This traditional Japanese pattern, Asa-no-hana, or the Hemp Leaf pattern, is my all time favorite sashiko pattern. The constellation of interlocking stars is mesmerizing and a real beauty stitched up. 

The pattern is pre-printed on 100% cotton. The lines of the pattern wash away once stitching is complete, so don't pre-wash the sampler! Use the finished piece as a tea towel, handkerchief, or decorative wall hanging. 

Make it a kit by adding a 20 meter skein of white sashiko thread and sashiko needles to complete the pattern. 

NOTE: Kit image features another pattern. Just a reference image. This listing is for one Asa-no-ha pattern of course :) 

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