There are so many ways to use your sampler. I'd love to see what creative projects you come up with. Here are some ideas...


Make a set a sachets. Use your favorite herbs for a sweetly scented gift. I love using a combination of cedar, lavender, mint, dried lemon and rosemary for a beautiful scent and natural bug deterrent.

For full project instructions check out the sachet project in my book, Make and Mend.


This linen cotton fabric is super sturdy and great for patching. I'd suggest basting the fabric in place and then stitching through all the layers for extra strength, but you can also stitch first and then stitching over the patch area, like was done in this example. 

Patch & photo by Jon Gaffney @jongaffney


This pillow was made using the full pre-printed pattern as is, so without cutting out the individual patterns. The artist added a white boarder to complete the pillow. Looks awesome! 

Project & photo by @margeryheyl 


Great way to cover up any unwanted logos! This sampler was stitched first, then the edges tucked under. The whip stitch was used to secure the patch over the logo. 

Patch & photo by @duckandpisaster

Zipper Pouch

Use the patterns to make a zipper pouch or to decorate pre-existing pouch adding pattern, color and strength to the fabric. 

Pouch and photo by @coeurgrandouvert