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Clover Chacopel Fine Fabric Pencils

Clover Chacopel Fine Fabric Pencils

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My new favorite fabric pencils! The chalk is sturdy and draws more like a colored pencil. There is less breakage when drawing and sharpening the pencils (versus softer chalk fabric pencils), and the marks last a bit longer too since the marks are less chalky.

This set of three pencils will last you a while and come in a range of colors for marking both dark and light fabrics. 

The set features:

  • White fabric pencil
  • Yellow fabric pencil
  • Two tone Pink/Blue fabric pencil 
  • Two pencil caps with brush erasers
  • Pink pencil sharpener

Note: I realize you won't always need new caps and sharpener. I've contacted the manufacturer to see if it's possible to reorder single pencils. If the plastic bums you out (me too, friend) check out these pencils from Bohin and other mark making tools

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