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DIY Starry Sashiko Banner Kit

DIY Starry Sashiko Banner Kit

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Create you own eco-friendly handmade banner adorned with a stunning sashiko pattern! No sewing machine required. The denim fabric included comes from a textile recycler and has been diverted from waste streams. These materials are limited in stock, so the exact fabric color may range from black to dark blue. (Please let me know if you have a specific color preference and I'll do my best to accommodate.) Kit instructions include detailed step-by-step illustrations guiding you through the process of making the banner. You will learn skills that will extend beyond this project like, how to draw a sashiko pattern, how to stitch sashiko style, how to create a hand sewn seam, and make a banner. Since you are learning to draw the pattern, no pattern lines are printed on the banner, which means that there is lots of room for you to get creative with the stitching. For example, try extending the pattern, adding or removing elements, change the scales, or even use the instructions to apply the pattern to other surfaces (clothing, home textiles, etc.) Get creative! I can't wait to see what you make!

Some hand sewing experience is helpful, but the instructions are totally approachable for a beginner, yet challenging enough for an experienced maker as well. I'm always available via convo or email to answer questions or help any way I can.

You will also need scissors and a mark making tool. I suggest a hera marker, which is a scoring tool that's great for marking dark fabrics. A hera marker is available as an optional upgrade to your kit. The great thing about hera markers is that there are no pencil or pen marks to remove pattern lines. See the last two images for a picture of a hera marker and the marks is makes on fabric. Feel free to use your favorite mark making tool like a water soluble pen or pencil.

+ 12" wood dowel
+ upcycled denim
+ 100% cotton white sashiko thread
+ cotton thread to hang banner
+ set of Olympus sashiko needles
+ easy to follow step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations
+ access to a printable PDF download of the pattern

- scissors
- iron
- mark making tool. A Hera Marker is available as an add on to the kit.

Take your time with this project. There are several steps to complete the project and can be done in multiple sittings, like laying out the pattern, stitching, and finishing the seams. Approximate time varies, but estimate that it will take somewhere around 6 hours.

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