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Miniature Rhino

Drop in Pattern Club 2024 Sampler Kit - Lace

Drop in Pattern Club 2024 Sampler Kit - Lace

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Inspired by my my love of stitching and snail mail Miniature Rhino Pattern Club aims to get you out of your head, off your screen and immersed in hands-on making just for the joy of making. 

This listing is for a one time drop stitch kit from MR Pattern Club, a quarterly stitch subscription featuring bold, original patterns silkscreened onto sustainable materials and sent in thoughtful, low-waste packaging. 

This lace-inspired pattern is silk screened on a burgundy cotton fabric sustainably sourced from designer headstock materials Pattern lines are printed in a dashed line for the most flexibility. They can be stitched over with the running stitch, backstitch, chain stitch (three of my favorites), or any stitch you prefer. There's no one right way to make these samplers & each invites you to explore your own creativity. 

Instructions include directions on creating a finished binding and an envelope pouch or purse. 


  • ONE yellow linen original silk screened 14 x 14 pattern. Printed locally in NY by another one-woman small business, Better Than Jam. 
  • Custom thread pack featuring four shades of 100% cotton Olympus sashiko thread in navy, blue, coral & white. 
  • Instructions in PDF & video format.


What else will I need? 

  • Backing Fabric. I highly recommend a backing, like you see in the photos (blue fabric). I find it helpful to back my pieces with another piece of fabric to stabilize and make my pieces double sided. 
  • Needles. I love Olympus Sashiko Needles, but embroidery needles work  too! 
  • Scissors.
  • Embroidery hoop. (optional) I don't use one for the running stitching, but would be helpful if you'd like to use other stitches. I'd love to see you go off & make this your own! Use of a hoop just depends on your preferred stitch style. 

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