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Miniature Rhino

Sashiko Sampler - Kakinohana

Sashiko Sampler - Kakinohana

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fA beautiful geometric pattern of radiating cross forms. This is a classic hitomezashi, or one stitch pattern. To stitch this pattern gather many stitches on your needle at once, snaking side to side. Then, up and down the rows. It's amazing to see the image start to form as the horizontal and vertical lines start to line up. 

The pattern is pre-printed on 100% cotton. The lines of the pattern wash away once stitching is complete, so don't pre-wash the sampler! Use the finished piece as a tea towel, handkerchief, or decorative wall hanging. 

Make it a kit by adding two 20 meter skeins of sashiko thread and sashiko needles to complete the pattern!

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